Baby Joe the Daydreaming Goose

by Debbie and Vito

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#imagination #daydreamers #fallinginlove #loveofquiet


Baby Joe, the Daydreaming Goose

On the day this one particular baby goose was born – yes, I know, he “hatched” – there was a TREMENDOUS amount of VERY LOUD squealing, squawking, clucking, cockadoodle-dooing, braying, neighing, and mooing!

This barnyard noise was a horrible, awful cacophony of sound, which never seemed to stop!

Well, our little newborn goose, Baby Joe, very quickly began to look forward to the night time. Because at night, it was dark, and in the dark, everyone in the barn became quiet.

Now, Baby Joe was a smart little goose, and he learned that if he slept for most of the day, then he could stay up at night!

Stay up? What would Baby Joe do if he stayed up at night, you might ask?

I will tell you.

You see, Baby Joe LOVED to daydream.

And at night, in the quiet, he could do just that!

So, for many days and weeks and months, that is exactly what he did.

Everyone in the barn, of course, thought he was whacko, weird, strange, and some even called him loco!

But Baby Joe truly did not care.

When he would daydream about the pink clouds (others only saw white ones) and blue trees (others only saw green ones), and when he would imagine the sweet songs of the robins and the buzzy flap of hummingbird wings, he would feel so-o-o-o happy!

Well, when Baby Joe was almost a teenager, one night in the middle of his daydream, he decided to go out for a stroll in the big yard just outside the barn.

There was a full moon high in the sky, and the barn was so quiet, you could even hear the tiny mice scurrying about.

As Baby Joe walked beneath the moon and hummed to himself, he heard another humming sound.

But it didn’t sound like a hummingbird.

In fact, it sounded kind of like him.

And the more he hummed, the more the other voice hummed. And when he stopped, the other voice stopped.

Soon, it seemed the other voice was very close.

He looked around, and there, just behind a tree trunk, he saw a slight white flutter.

He’d found another goose!

Or rather, she had found him!

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released June 19, 2015


all rights reserved



Debbie and Vito Mentone, Alabama

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