Sara the Duck Lady

by Debbie and Vito

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Sara feels called to share something that brings her a lot of joy. There is no certainty about the results, but she chooses to trust. She honors her gifts and remains loyal to her desire. By continuing to do what brings her joy, the results take her well beyond her expectations.



Once upon a time, there lived a very talented bread-baker named Sara. Sara was properly round and soft herself, almost looking like one of the beautiful loaves of bread she baked every day.

Sara’s grandmother, who was an expert bread-baker herself, taught Sara how to bake when she was just a little girl.

Sara learned from her grandma how to make the best dough, how to knead it, round it out, rest it so that it could rise, butter it, and bake it just the right amount of time.

In fact, soon after baking her first perfect loaf of bread, Sara learned how to bake 60 loaves of bread at a time! Because that’s what her grandmother did!

As Sara grew up and continued baking the best bread in the land, year after year, a problem arose. One day, Sara realized that more than half of the townspeople had either moved away or died, and there just weren’t as many people around to bake bread for!

Oh, Sara knew how to make just one or two or a few loaves at a time. But that wasn’t as much fun for her as making 60 loaves or 120 loaves or even 180 loaves at once! In fact, she absolutely loved dreaming about all of the people who would be eating her bread! And she loved imagining the extra-super-long loaves being split and shared at weddings and parties. Yes, Sara LOVED to dream BIG!

Feeling a bit sad about her dilemma, Sara closed her bakery one afternoon and walked to the nearby park...

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released October 21, 2015


all rights reserved



Debbie and Vito Mentone, Alabama

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